Buffering function

The stipulated procurement quantities are often much larger than the quantities needed for the individual production batches. This applies, for instance, to printed, die-cut or ready-made packaging. We can manufacture or order the corresponding large quantities for our customers, thus reducing the purchasing costs per unit, and then deliver the goods successively as needed.


Security of supply

Frequently, the customer only has limited information on the future quantity requirements and delivery/need dates. This is especially true for products that are affected by seasonal fluctuations. Our stores then serve to ensure that your production runs smoothly.

Security of prices – whether physically or in the form of contracts, we can insulate our customers from extreme price fluctuations on the sourcing markets.


The transformation of our market landscape, shorter product life cycles, greater product diversity, and the consequences of globalization lead to demands for ever shorter delivery periods and higher flexibilization. We are well prepared for this transformation.

At three manufacturing facilities and on a total area of approx. 6,200 sqm, we keep about 2,500 to 3,000 pallets of goods available for daily dispatch. Thanks to the excellent infrastructure at our locations, our own fleet of trucks and the close cooperation with expert forwarders for local and long-distance haulage, we are able to secure a continuous supply for our customers, even in the event of fluctuating production processes. Because of our stringent hygiene and safety guidelines, the topic of storage and personnel hygiene enjoys special attention. Our facilities are regularly examined, audited and certified by external bodies. You will find the corresponding certificates under Downloads.


  • Storage, buffer
  • Product stocking
  • Filling, repacking
  • Labelling
  • Product financing
  • Safety guidelines
  • Storage and personnel hygiene
  • Batch documentation
  • ISO 9001 : 2000

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