For 30 years now, we have been serving the fish-, meat- and poultry-processing industry with customized breading systems. Because of this long-standing presence in the market and the great expertise of our highly qualified staff, we are able to:

  • keep up with consumer trends
  • simply your procurement
  • create attractive new flavours
  • improve the mouthfeel of products
  • bring products to market quickly and, above all, safely and reliably

As trade representatives, we are a firm part of the Kerry sales organization and, at the same time, customer and marketer of the various product groups. This function has been fulfilled by our Bremerhaven location for some of the factories of today’s Kerry Ingredients since 1987.



  • Breadcrumbs, doughs and batters
  • Heat-treated wheat flour
  • Rusks as filler or for pre-flouring
  • Blended breadcrumbs
  • Traditional crumbs or novel crumbs

Service and quality

  • Batch documentation and traceability
  • Active support with product development
  • Active support with application techniques
  • Products from organic farmers

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